Superlight USG



New in 2024 in the form of a completely renewed line of legendary Superlight rods.

This is a completely new series of four-piece ultra-slim, extra-light, very sensitive and at the same time powerful rods.

They have been designed, continuously tested and fine-tuned to perfection in close cooperation with multiple world champion Tereza Rutováwith the aim of creating the smoothest and slimmest racing rods possible.

Furthermore, František Kouba, Miloslav Hosenseidl, Vojtěch Ungr, Roman Heimlich, Luboš Roza, Ivan Vančura and František Hanák actively helped in the development and testing.

Thanks to the use of the most modern technologies and the revolutionary material Hexagon Graphene, it was possible to slim the blanks by an incredible 10% compared to the original Superlight while maintaining a similar action, and with the use of extra light and super quality components,the weight was reduced by approx. 30% (up to 30 g) compared to ordinary rods.

Exclusive design with lots of smart improvements. The blank of these rods is a luxurious matte gray. Original custom fitting in a hexagon design (similar to the structure of the Graphene material) with an exotic rosewood insert. Top quality AAAA cork.

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Superlight USG

USG 299 9,9ft 4pcs, USG 396 9,6ft 4pcs, USG 3100 10ft 4 pcs, USG 3106 10,6ft 4pcs


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