New Fluorocarbon tippet



Thanks to its revolitionary attributes, Hanák Champion Fluorocarbon tippet is ideal for chasing spooky fish. Almost invisible in water, Champion Fluorocarbon is twice as dense as water and sinks quickly so that it does not sit on the surface and scare fish. Compared to monofilament tippet, Champion Flurocarbon is smoother, more uniform in daimeter, more durable and less elastic. Champion Fluorocarbon does not absorb water and is impervious to damage from UV rays.

Additional information


7X 0.104mm 2.7lb, 6X 0.123mm 3.5lb, 5x 0.145mm 4.5lb, 4x 0.164mm 5.5lb, 3.5x 0.183mm 7lb, 3x 0.201mm 8lb, 2x 0.220mm 10lb, 1x 0.242mm 12lb, 0x 0.283mm 14lb

Spool Size

50M, 110M, 130M, 150M


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