Hook Information

I would like to pass on some information on Hanak Hooks , these hooks are the best hooks I have ever used, Made in Japan by the best . These Hooks are designed for many world fly fishing champion and Top world class fishermen , but not all are suited to fishing in New Zealand . Not that many countries in the world have wild fish like NZ they are much stronger than many of the stocked fish around the world .

I will try to explain about the hooks and my favourites , some of these hooks it will depend on the rods you use . The competition fishermen use rivers 3WT and 4WT 10’ , 10’.6” mostly on the lakes 5WT , 6WT , 7WT 10’ our rods tend to have softer tips to protect our lighter tippet.  We can land very big hard fighting fish on 3WT/4WT rods , on the lakes 3/4/5WT nymphing and 5/6/7 WT Stripping and we will go to heaver tipped then . Top class hooks that may have problems in NZ are H450 BL same wire as H400, H470 but much bigger gap so lot more leverage and dries H100,H130 light for bigger NZ fish prefer H230 BL

My favourites ;

Nymphs jig hooks , H400 BL , H470 BL

Straight shank H230 BL , H260 BL , H270 BL

Czech Nymph , Cadis H333 BL

Dries H230 BL

Lures / woolly bugger H230BL #12 , 10 , H470 BL , H260 BL , H270 BL , H280 BL

Targeting Trophy fish I might add H45 XH barb filed off , H310 grub hook , H200 BL

If you are using 6WT to 8WT fast action  rods  you will need to use heavier Tippet and heavier  wire hooks

Nymphs H490 BL , H45 XH , H35 XH , H310 BL , H25 XH ; Lures H900 BL , H925 BL , H25 XH , Dries H230 BL , Glo Bugs H310 BL , H260 BL , H200 BL,    There are many more hooks to choose from salt water , pike

New Zealand fly fishing champion 2021 Billy Thrupp favourite Hooks

Czech nymphs H470 BL #12,14,16 targeting fish over 50cm + H45 XH with barb filed off

Lake nymphs H470 14 ,16

Streamer hooks H230 BL 10,12, 14

We wets H230 BL 14 ,16

Cadis H470 BL

World Champion Lubos Roza Individual , Team , youth many times

Favourites Dries H130 BL

Czech nymphs H470 BL , H450 BL

Stillwater H250 BL